About Penina

PBM Ac16_0382_1“Put energy, passion, determination and vision, add a pinch of fizz and put in a little bottle. Shake well and you would have a perfect recipe for Penina Shepherd”
Christina Ewbank, President, Chamber of Commerce, Eastbourne

Penina is the author of the visionary book The Freedom Revolution, a multi award winning entrepreneur, an inspiring keynote speaker, a business lawyer and the founder of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW, a ‘Top 50 Innovative Law Firms in the UK and Europe’ (Financial Times).

Cover (NEW)(Front)(02 06 16)She set up the firm on a shoestring budget, in a tough recession, with a newborn third child and a life threatening illness. What she did have, however, was an abundance of passion for making a difference in the legal industry. Her revolutionary vision, innovation and business model have been remarkably successful.

The firm now boasts a great team of commercial lawyers, offices in Brighton & Gatwick and an impressive long line of business clients.

In her book The Freedom Revolution, Penina shares her compelling story and tells of the revolution that has taken the business world by storm.

The book provides the tools to escape the rat race, overcome the fear that paralyses us, be remarkable in what we do, negate the odds, thrive on our passion, love what we do, enjoy financial success and be free!